Sipping Science: The Interpretative Flexibility of Science Cafés in Denmark and Japan

Kristian H. Nielsen, Gert Balling, Tom Hope and Masaki Nakamura East Asia Science, Technology and Society Available here: doi: 10.1215/18752160-2832109 Abstract Science cafés were originally conceived as an informal, dialogue-based venue for public participation in science. The first science cafés

科学技術と社会の楽しい関係: Café Scientifique(イギリス編)

科学技術と社会の楽しい関係: Café Scientifique(イギリス編) A New “Sexy” Interface between Science and Society: A Report on the Café Scientifique, UK 小林信一、Thomas E. Hope、草深美奈子、両角亜希子 (2004) This working paper, written at the now non-existent Center for Technology and Society (CTS) at the National Institute