I am sociologist with a research and education focus on processes of contemporary community and human-computer interaction. I’m experienced in detailed qualitative analysis including video-based ethnography, conversation analysis and interviewing.

Instrumental in introducing the ‘science cafe’ (cafe scientifique) format of public engagement to Japan, I continue to have an interest in science engagement. The underlying theme constant in my work is the construction and maintenance of a “sense of community” and the communication that is integral to this.

In education my goal is to help students and faculty (particularly in the fields of science and engineering) become more internationally engaged.

“When I speak of accountable my interests are directed to such matters as the following. I mean observable-and-reportable, i.e. available to members as situated practices of looking-and-telling.” – Harold Garfinkel, 1967:1

“The comradeship of minds creates a kind of invisible location, a mystical city and meeting-place which comes alive through the medium of artistic sympathy or creative purpose” – Ferdinand Tönnies, 1887[2001]: 29